Real Estate Photography & Video Pricing for Raleigh, NC…


Showcase your home’s best features in their best light. Images sized and ready for MLS and web. Gorgeous, eye-catching photos that get results.

Option A

35 edited images
Editing: 3 exposure HDR, color correction, horizon and verticals, minor blemishes touched up.
Usually within 24 hours



Option B

25 edited images
Editing: basic color correction, horizon and verticals

Usually same-day

Flash Ambient blending upgrade +$50 | Add aerial (drone) or elevated exterior shots +$15 | Same-day for option A  +$25 | Print ready images +$5

Twilight/Sunset exterior shots (separate appointment usually required) – $150

Real Estate Virtual Tour / walk-through

Rank higher on real estate web sites, generate buzz, and showcase your listings in a unique way with a virtual tour walkthrough video. Unbranded included.

Walk through only video (no aerial) is $250
Walk through with aerial or elevated views $275
Branded version + $15

Signature Real Estate Marketing Package

Includes option A above and aerial or elevated photos ($115 value)
PLUS Virtual Tour with aerial or elevated view ($275 value)
$325 ($390 value)

Large homes

For packages with video, there is an increase in work in larger homes and so there is a small increase in price for these larger homes. This does not apply to photography.

5000-6000sqft +$25 | 6000-7000sqft +$50 | 7000-8000sqft  +$75

Trip minimum is $85